About Me

Hi there! Several years ago I was stressed out about my finances!  I was frustrated with the paycheck to paycheck mentality!  I was sick of living just over broke (J.O.B.)  I was sick of knowing that I was not going to have any money or very little in the bank! I was sick and tired of not knowing how much time I could spend with my wife and children! I had no time and I had no financial freedom!  And I had no retirement and no way of building a retirement.

Is that you?  If you are like 99% of the world, most likely the answer is yes!

I was working for a tax attorney at the time.  I literally had to get there at 7AM.  And sadly I was not able to get home until 7PM.  After stressing out through rush hour traffic, spending time with my wife and children was stressful knowing that tomorrow would be the same thing. On top of that, I was living paycheck to paycheck.  Talk about a continual, constant stress in life!  The unfortunate thing is that I often took that stress out on my wife and family!

I knew there had to be a better way!  Unfortunately, I heard about this magical thing called residual income a long time ago.  The only problem is that I did not think a typical guy like me could get it… or master it!  What is residual income?

Residual income, in short, is working once but continually getting paid for the work that you have done!  And if you work it right you might be able to get it the rest of your life!  We call this MAILBOX money! It is money that will be there in rain, snow, and sunshine!


When I finally realized I could get it, I was AMAZED.  My goal is not only to show you how, but to help you develop your skills, and give you tools to develope your residual income empire!  Please understand I was just a normal everyday guy working for a tax attorney! I was not a business owner at that point.  What I learned is that ANYONE… and I do mean anyone if the master these skills and tools can earn massive residual income!

Knowledge + Action= Success

According to all the statics out there, by they time your retirement comes around, YOU will have to keep on working!  Statistics say that only 6% of the World will truly be able to retire! Only 1% will be able to retire the way they want to! Have you walked around Wal-Mart lately?  Or have you ordered from McDonald’s!  Sad to say that there are many gray-haired people still working there!  Why?  Simple!  The system they were told worked… KICKED them in the pants!

What must be understood today is, that the system that was taught, and still taught… does not work!

Are you willing to change?  Are you willing to think outside the box?

Now I am a stay at home dad, who is married to a stay at home mom!  It cannot get any better than this!  Every day, I get to be a part of my families life all day!  Not just a for a few hours a day after I get off of work and before they go down to bed! I do not have to miss their practices, concerts, lessons, games, or anything!  I can choose my schedule!  How did I change my future? I changed, by learning, understanding, and executing what it took to make residual income.

How Can I Change Your Future?


P.S.  WHAT makes me different than other business consultants?   Find out here!