Why Am I Different

Why am I different than other business consultants?  It really is simple! So I will make it easy for you to see!

  • I have started several successful businesses
  • I have owned my own successful website building company, so I understand websites, social media, and modern marketing
  • I am an expert in Social Media Marketing
  • I have helped numerous companies on internet advertising with budgets well over $60,000 a month for a single account
  • I have helped numerous companies on internet advertising to the tune of several millions of dollars over several years
  • I have started both successful online businesses as well as offline businesses
  • I understand and perform modern finances
  • I understand and perform modern business practices
  • I understand and train past the old archaic business models
  • I have helped people start from all stages of business
  • I have helped online companies go from virtually zero to $10,000 a month in the course of just a few months
  • and many other things !

If you are looking for someone who understand and performs both MODERN business and finance than let us KNOW how we can help you and your business!


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