Want to get hands-on training with Jason?  It is not as hard as you may think!  If you are in the Colorado area… He is just a stones throw away! Please go to our CONTACT PAGE, to schedule education with him.  Whether you live in Colorado or not we also offer these options!

We Offer:

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What will you get!  You don’t just get the “What’s of Building Residual Income”, but also the “How’s of Building Residual Income.”  It is important not to just teach you that there is possibilities, but also what they are and how they work!  You will get:

  • A Bucket full of Ideas to build your residual income both online as well as offline

  • Website platforms

  • Social Media Tools

  • How To’s

  • Digital concepts

  • Investment information


There is a nice learning curve to the industry of residual income, but once understood, you can live the life of time and financial freedom!

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