Seminars and Conferences

What do you get with our Education Seminars and Conferences?

I have spoken at seminars and conferences over the US.  I give creative tips on how to build a residual income empire, to large groups of people in various formats.  I have done them in small groups of 50, up to several thousands of people.

These education seminars are designed to help you establish your structure, goals, desires, and tools to help you establish a residual income stream*  We do not want to show you what can be done but give you key tips, tricks, and tools to help you start from nothing to something!  In the Seminars we can focus on these basic tools to help you get started or excel your business to the next level:

  • Multiple business concepts

  • Structures in building online and offline business

  • Social Media Tips

  • Email Databasing

  • Getting investment money (If Needed)

  • Website platform information

  • Business Protection

  • Tax Protection and Loopholes

This education is a great platform for beginners as well mid-level business owners.  Although we focus mostly on beginners in the entrepreneur world we welcome everyone to join us!