The Economy and Finances in this century need a new look if we want to have a bright future as individuals as well as a country!

401k’s, ROTH IRA’s, Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds…. well simply just do not work!  The inflation curve of the economy is around a 10% growth every year.  From that fact alone 401ks and ROTH IRA’s will not be able to keep up with the inflation curve.  Stocks, bonds, and mutual funds are too risky for the common person.  They are not willing to invest the TIME to educate themselves on what it takes to be profitable on any of them.

The US was built on Entrepreneurialism at the founding of the nation!  In the early 1900’s when Corporate America and Minimum Wage were introduced it began killing the economy!  Truthfully we have not recovered yet!  The idea worked in the beginning!  But eventually, the biggest Pyramid Scheme in history started affecting the entire economy of the entire world!  Corporate America started a black hole in the economy!  It is irrecoverable in its current state!

Where did we go wrong?  And how do we get it right?  Simple… Go Back to the beginning, but with a new approach.  The greatest business minds of today all have one thing in common.  They all think outside the box.  They are all entrepreneurs! And most importantly… They have all developed a system.  Not just any system, but a system that produces the magic… Residual Income!

What is Residual income? Only the coolest things to help the economy explode with massive success!  Only the coolest thing to help the average joe, become independently wealthy!  Only the coolest thing to help you have the financial independence to help you establish a life that you can get your life back out of the 9-5 RUT, we call a job!

Residual income is the concept of building a system where you work once but you continually get paid off of the work that you do!

Today, this is more doable than EVER before… for virtually ANYONE!  That is as long as they are willing to put the time and effort into making it happen.  But before you jump ship on this idea! What if what you could do in 3-5 years (or more) could help you make more than you could in 40 years of work in your career?  Wouldn’t 3-5 years of temporary instability for LONG term stability be worth the time and effort?

Still with me?

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